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"Life is a journey of experiences. To authentically live, you must journey, and you must experience. It is through this process that
true identity and purpose are realized"

Dr. Rhian Daniel


You’re successful, right? You’ve climbed all the ladders that were put before you, and you’ve checked all of society’s personal and professional requirement boxes. However, you still feel like an imposter chasing the idea of happiness, or feel as if life is a constant journey of potholes and roadblocks. Well, sorry to inform you, but you’ve been climbing the wrong ladders.

Who’s leading your life? Are you walking blindly; no vision; no real direction; no genuine purpose; just going through the motions? What is success? What does it mean to be successful? Do you even know what your passion is, or what your deepest desire is?

What is life? – Who are you? – Why are you here? – What is your purpose?

If you can answer these questions you will have inevitably answer the previous questions also. If you can, you’re going to find life easier, and much more satisfying. You’ll be a greater human, an effortless leader, an inspirational member of your community, and a much happier person. You will find yourself living life with greater purpose and with real meaning, effortlessly.

Unfortunately, right now, you’re probably similar to most people; unknowingly ambushed and trapped by your ego-consciousness, leading an ego-orientated, somewhat pointless existence? Sorry, but welcome to existence in, and the programmed state of, modern Western society.
Desire change for yourself, your family, your community, your business, your corporation? Begin by watching the video below.

What existence are you leading?


What mask do you hide behind?

The problem with modern Western leadership is that there really is none. Modern Western humans struggle with basic leadership skills because they act predominately from the self, the ego; which is a highly dysfunctional way to lead because it is all head and no heart–there is no empathy.

In contrast, numerous indigenous cultures demonstrate far better leadership qualities. They do so because they come from the Self as much as the self. There is a balance; it’s not just about the individual, the self, it’s about the community within as it is with out. Even animals demonstrate better leadership qualities than modern Western man.

Office based programs

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or the uncertain beginner
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but not yet seasoned
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nature based programs

1 day, individual or group program in nature
multi-day, group program in nature, with integral solo aspect

Those that walk alone do so because they have crossed their mountains; they have learned to lead all those inside first. They have learned to bring their inner aspects together, to collaborate, and work as one;
self and Self

It's time for you to begin walking.

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