Dr. Rhian Daniel

Transpersonal Psychology • Ecopsychology • Somatic Psychology

MIND-BODY HEALTH and Integrity

"Life is a journey of present moment experiences–nothing else. To authentically live, you must journey, you must experience, and you must reflect on your experiences to provide the fuel to continue. In doing so, Self and self lead simultaneously in balance and harmony. It is through this process, this journey, that identity and purpose are realized, and the idea of success is understood."

Dr. Rhian Daniel


What do purpose, leadership, success, and Self have in common?

How do they they drive you, individually and collectively?

How are they kindred and how do they collaborate?

How do you define them? Or, do they define you?

What do you know about how you think, and how your thinking affects you, controls you, creates you? How it defines your purpose; how it shapes your leadership; how it creates your success; how it connects your self to your Self.


what thoughts have led you astray?


Genuine leaders master intra-leadership before inter-leadership

I had the pleasure of meeting and observing Sir Richard Branson many years ago when I was working for one of the Virgin companies, and also had the pleasure of sitting with Branson for 1-on-1 chats on four different occasions. His presence and style of leadership left a lasting impression on me. These leaders act as authentic unifying centers. Branson was a genuine leader. He was not a follower masquerading as a leader; as so many others are. Branson is an exemplar of a genuine leader, and has demonstrated that genuine leadership does not come from a college degree. 

While an MBA, or any degree, will add worthwhile tools and skills to your array, it will not make you a great leader anymore than possession of a driving license makes you a great driver. And just as you can buy all the beautiful clothes you want, if you’re ugly on the inside, the ugliness is going to shine through those clothes.

If you desire to be an effective, respected, and successful leader, and there is a shortage, look at what’s going on inside. You’ll need to do the internal work first.

Have you contemplated the essence of your leadership behavior? What internal work have you completed as part of your process? What mask do you hide behind?

Office based programs

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or the uncertain beginner
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but not yet seasoned
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nature based programs

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Those that walk alone do so because they have crossed their mountains; they have learned to lead all those inside first. They have learned to bring their inner aspects together, to collaborate, and work as one;
self and Self

It's time for you to begin walking.