"The nature of integral leadership is formed through unification of self and Self"

True leaders check their baggage at the door

When genuine leaders embrace their leadership persona, they temporarily discarded all other personas, thereby keeping there leadership persona free of contamination from personas that are incidental to the leadership role. Very few individuals understand this leadership necessity. Of those that do, fewer are able to embrace it, and master it. Consequently, Western societies remain deficient of genuine leaders.

Modern Western society struggles with this basic leadership skills because the culture embraces individualism, and is consequently ego orientated and self-centered. The result is highly dysfunctional leadership due to the leader positioning his or her own desires, goals, or needs, above those of the collective; often to the detriment of the collective goal.

In contrast, numerous indigenous cultures demonstrate far superior leadership qualities. They do so because their culture embraces the collective, and no individual is above the collective goal—survival of the people. Significantly, these cultures embrace nature as part of the collective also. Of little surprise it should be therefore, that animals often demonstrate better leadership qualities than modern Western society also.