Dr. Rhian Daniel

Dr. Rhian Daniel is a non-denominational ordained minister, and has a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), School of Consciousness and Transformation. The majority of the didactic work for his Ph.D. was completed in the Transpersonal Psychology PhD program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), before transferring to CIIS to complete his Ph.D.

Dr. Daniel’s Master’s degree is in psychology, and he has Master’s level certificates in Spiritual Guidance and Creative Expression, all from ITP. Additionally, he has completed multiple stages and advanced training in Psychosynthesis, the psychological movement founded by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. His B.Sc., from the University of South Australia, is in Medical Radiation.

Dr. Rhian Daniel is a full practicing member of the South Australian Spiritual Healers Association; has completed two years training in Psychic and Spiritual Development, and Spiritual Healing, under the direct tutelage of Audrey Wiley in Melbourne, Australia; has additional Energy Healer Practitioner training from Lyn Townsend and Tse Chien; and, further Spiritual Healing training from the Rosa Tingey Center in Adelaide, South Australia, where he also practiced. Dr. Daniel is a trained and certified Wilderness Rite of Passage Leader (all components of this training are recognized by the California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners), and Wilderness First Responder.


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